Water Filling Machine

Water filling machine is an automatic machine that is designed to bottle water and other non-carbonated drinks. This process is somehow complex, and sometimes it requires high professional standards to run and maintain. In a water bottling plant, issues such as hygiene, pollution, and safety are prioritized. Mostly, for this process requires the best machines to be incorporated.

The process of water bottling involves four significant steps:

  •    Cleaning
  •    Filling
  •    Saturating
  •    Capping


One of the essential steps in a water bottling plant is the empty bottles cleaning. This is because proper cleaning will guarantee better hygiene and safety of the water. Water, in this case, should be sterilized after the bottling process to avoid contamination during the final process. Ensure that the machines you are using are quality enough and resistant to corrosion and dust.


Filling water in the bottles is next step after cleaning. With water filling machines, this process is quite simpler. The grippers grab the bottles and the nozzles placed properly to be filled with water. This method is typically meant for PET bottles mostly. In case you need to use glass bottles you will have to look for filling machine designed for it.


This process is meant for the preparation of carbonated water. There is a saturated unit where you will carbonate water by injecting carbon (IV) oxide directly.


This is the final process in water bottling; bottles are channeled to the capping machine where each container is fitted with a cap and sealed. After the capping process, packed water is then ready for market. Depending on your preferences, you can buy water bottling equipment that fits your commercial market.

Benefits of Automatic Bottling Machine

Investing in an automatic bottling machine is worthy as it comes with some benefits. Here are some of the merits of this machine:

Increase in Production

Automatic bottling equipment ensures that more packages of water are produced at a time. It has an automatic filler that ensures that multiple bottles are filled in each circle. With this machine, thousands of bottles are produced every day.


When water bottling process is done manually, there are variances in production. With the help of an automatic bottling machine, a more reliable and consistent output is achieved. Besides that, the speed of the process can be easily adjusted to fit the demand.

Ease of Use

Compared to manually bottling water, using an automatic machine makes the operation much simpler. Though it may seem complex to set up, it is easy to use the machine. It requires only some simple hand adjustments when handling one bottle to another. Settings such as indexing times, fill times and pump speeds are set in touchscreen interface.


Automatic water has been designed to handle different contains and sometimes different products. It can handle different bottle sizes and shapes as well as different liquid compositions. For companies that package more than one product, an automatic machine will be of much importance.

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