4 Types of machines used during packaging

Packaging products involve a series of processes before they are dispatched to the consumers.  These processes serve different purposes and come one after the other. The first stage in packaging is sealing the product. In this case machines such as vacuum packing machines, impulse sealers, shrink wrapping machine and heat sealers are used. The second phase is labeling the product in which machines such as shrink sleeve labeling machine is used. Finally, there is printing of batches, dates, and marking. This is where machines such as inkjet coder come in handy.

Here are various machines used in packaging products:

Vacuum packaging machine

Also known as vacuum sealer, this is one of the primary packaging machines that ensure the product is packed well in a packaging bag ready for distribution. These machines serve many purposes and are available in various designs in the market. Its working principle is the removal of atmospheric air present in the packaging bag before sealing is done. It mainly meant for packaging food products including the perishable. Some of the benefits of this machine are:

  •    Limits reproduction and growth of anaerobic organism including the bacteria by limiting oxygen in the packaging bag.
  •    Prevents freezer burn and dehydration of food products such as meat
  •    Increases shelf life by two to five times
  •    Protects products from dirt and moisture

Shrink wrapping machine

This is a machine that works by wrapping the product using a plastic film such as PVC or polyolefin before they are channeled to the next stage. These machines come in a variety, and some are fully automatic. The working principle of wrapping machine is simple as a plastic film is wrapped on a product then channeled through a tunnel where it is subjected to heat. This makes the packaging bag to shrink and conform to the shape of the product.

Shrink sleeve labeling machine

This is a machine in the packaging process that labels a product before distribution. A sleeve has to be printed first that gives the necessary details about the product. It usually used in food processing industries as it provides space to give the ingredients of the product being distributed. Using shrink sleeves add comes with quantifiable benefits including adding the aesthetic value to the product.

Inkjet coder

This is a machine used for applying date on the surface of the product before they are distributed. Inkjet coder comes in various types and can be used in water bottling companies, pharmaceutical, and other beverage products.

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